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ReWired for Change in the News

Click to listen to the BBC World Service program about ReWired for Change:

Former ReWired For Life! Participants Weigh in on Gun Violence in America – Al Jazeera

Sonja Sohn: Changing Baltimore Long After ‘The Wire’

NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross

“For five seasons, actress Sonja Sohn played Detective Shakima “Kima” Greggs on the critically acclaimed HBO series The Wire, which chronicled life and death on Baltimore’s toughest streets. When the series ended, Sohn stayed in Baltimore — to help young people straighten out their lives.”

After ‘The Wire’, Sonja Sohn couldn’t leave Baltimore’s troubled streets behind

Article from the Washington Post

“After the final season of the HBO series “The Wire” in 2008, the actress, who played Det. Shakima “Kima” Greggs, hadn’t been ready to leave the show behind — neither what it stood for nor the Baltimore streets on which it had filmed. “I had an extraordinarily strong sense of purpose,” she says. The result: ReWired for Change, an organization that aims to help the city’s troubled youth.”

Rewriting the Script

Article from Baltimore Magazine

“A former Wire actress is helping out kids like her…Sean Hawkins, 21, attended ReWired’s summer pilot program and says the positive messages and the unconditional love he received changed his life…Sohn envisions launching the program nationally, even worldwide, but Baltimore takes first priority.”

TV Hero Gets Real

Article from The Baltimore Sun

“For five seasons, Sonja Sohn played Detective Kima Greggs on HBO’s “The Wire.” But on a recent weeknight, Sohn was not on a Hollywood film set. She was at the University of Maryland School of Social Work, speaking on a cell phone to the facilitator of a GED program trying to figure out why 21-year-old Sean Hawkins hasn’t been attending.”

Sonja Sohn’s road to redemption

Article from B: Daily

“The idea for ReWired for Change is to use “The Wire,” for participants to analyze its situations and characters through the lens of their own lives. Sohn believes that through self-reflection and development of critical thinking skills, personal transformation can occur.”

“The Wire” Sparks a Connection

Article from the Boston Globe

“For almost a year, one of the show’s stars has been working with a Boston community activist to create a curriculum based on “The Wire.” After each show, the participants, with the help of at least two facilitators, would receive worksheets listing questions designed to spark in-depth discussions about the parallels between the young viewers and the characters on the screen.”