History of Law in the United States

temple of libertyThe style of jurisprudence in the United States of America was patterned after English Common Law but had a wide variety of other influences. Of course, England’s method of law developed over many centuries of invasions, conquered territories and travels to many lands.

The accumulation, trial and error of any list of cultures has allowed America to possess one of the most efficient legal systems in the world. Basic properties of the law are; People are innocent until proven guilty, a person has the right to self-defense and all are equal under the law. Like all legal procedures, it has fallacies, yet still offers those facing legal difficulties a fighting chance.

Laws governing what attorneys use in court came from English Common Law, Constitutional law, Treatises, Statutory law, and Administrative regulation. These laws evolved from many cultures down through the ages. Laws struggled to protect the rights of citizens, but in olden days, rules were at the complete discretion of the landowner.

The common man had little to say about his plight. Laws were based on privilege. Laws in the United States focus on the “Rights of Man“. This was an important factor when writing the Constitution, since Common Law makes way for finance and contracts, holding a primary position in American jurisprudence.

The constitution assured separation of powers in the beginning. The founding fathers made it clear; no one governmental sector was to controls was to spill over and control another. The history of law in the United States has many contributors, Anglo Saxon, Roman, the Franks, Greeks and William the Conqueror. The list of historical entities of law goes on. History of law in the United States has evolved over the years to embrace changes in American society.

If laws are decided unconstitutional, stare decisis is there to keep the laws that might still be on the books from being enforced. As the country developed, further statutes and limitations were placed on points in the law. Civil liberties were adjusted and the law became more complicated. Some laws are subject to discretionary evaluation. These may enter consideration by the Supreme Court.

United States laws are a combination of centuries of working elements. The times of kings and queen, emperors and sultans, all developed certain elements that worked. Due to the court system, laws are constantly kept in balance to serve the people. States laws can get out of balance with federal laws but are quickly brought into line with Constitutional law.

Laws in the United States govern money, criminal behavior and civil disobedience, “Civil law” is said to be, “the Law of Rulers while “Common law the law of the people.” Jurisprudence in the U.S. is divided into further categories, some natural, others considered privileges. Contract laws are very important in the system of laws. The Attorney at law helps the system manage capitalism utilizing the many statutes that correct and adjust laws. Biblical law also has a bearing on the American justice system, as with many cultures, these laws are interwoven throughout the fabric of society.

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